3 Simple Steps to Rock Your Day Before You Even Get Out of Bed.

3 Simple Steps to Rock Your Day Before You Even Get Out of Bed.


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Did you know that you can change your whole day by doing three things before you even get out of bed?

There is a really  sweet time in the morning. That time is right after you wake up, but when you are still in that haze, lingering in a dream state.  This is the most sacred time of the day.  You are in-between worlds, where the subconscious meets the conscious.  This is a powerful place to harness the energy from the world around you and tap into you mind.

When you first wake up, try to tap back into your dreams and see what you can remember. Are there any lessons that need to be learned from your dreams, messages that are sticking out, or feelings that arise?  Go back and try to remember what your mind was going through,  something simple could feel bigger to you now.  If you don’t know what the dreams actually mean that is OK, by connecting to the thought your body will process it when and how it needs to.

Next, close your eyes again and focus on your breathing for 1-3 minutes.  Here is a quick meditation to help you settle your mind, and get your ego out of the way.  Reconnect with your inner self in the quite of this mediation.  I use this practice to help me become connected to my inner self, rather than the noise of my ego and all the fear that follows.

The mantra I use comes from the Course of Miracles and it goes like this:

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

What would you have me say and to who?

By using these words I connect to my spirit, and let it lead the way.  The more I learn to allow this energy to lead the way, the better, and more accomplished I feel.

It is my practice each day to get out of my way, and let something larger than me lead the way.  I Let this energy guide me, instead of my own mind.  There is a sense of guidance and support when I learn to lean into this energy.

The last aspect of rocking your morning before you get out of bed is gratitude, a simple thank you. I learned this technique from Dr. Wayne Dyer and it really stood out to me as a powerful tool.  Thank you.  For me, this means thank you spirit for leading me in the right direction.

Create a special thank you, what do you want it to mean? What are you grateful for?  Create your thank you from something that that inspires you to reconnect to each day.

Let’s review: You reconnect with your dreams, and discover the meaning they have for you.  Next, you settle your mind for 1-3 minutes and say the mantra to take the ego out of the way, and lead with your spirit.  Finally, you say thank you for what you are grateful for, this can be your home, your body or for spirit leading the way.  You get to choose!

When you create habits that you can do over and over again, you make changes in your life.  These tools will help you learn more about yourself, create a deeper connection to your spiritual side, and increase your gratitude.  These tools will help set your day in motion on the path of love, peace and connection.  When you are energy of love, your life feels better and we have more positive moments, compassion and you begin to create a happier life for yourself and those around you.

Download and print my reminder so that you can have it within reach when you wake in the morning.


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