Where I Buy My Food And You Should Too

Where I Buy My Food And You Should Too

OMG, I love summer and I am so excited as soon as the weather gets warm.  I live in Colorado so it is pretty cold for many months of the year, but in the spring we start to get those warm days and I love it!

First of all I feel so much better, when it is warm outside, anything above 60 degrees and I am having a little dance.  I finally feel like going outside and moving!

But second of all and so incredible is that the farms start to have a lot of delicious produce.  Beautiful, organic, locally grown beauties of the earth.

Sure it is easy to stop by my local Safeway and grab what I need, but when I go to the local farms I get so much from the entire experience.   I connect with the farmers who grow my food and I love that!

The produce is just better, fresher, more alive, because it has not been transported hundred of miles to get to my local market, it is right from the farm!

It teaches me to eat with the seasons, I eat what is being grown at that time of year. In the spring I love to pick up fresh salad greens especially arugula.  Or green and wild onions.  The herbs like mint and sage start to make there way to the counters as well.

As summer rolls in it is only going to get better!  Fresh berries, carrots, greens, peppers, corn, and the list goes on and on.

So the truth is that I did not know much about the local farms outside of Denver and I spent years buying at our local super market or heading to a Health Food Store.

Then I decided I wanted to truly explore the natural food industry around me and so I picked up our girls and we traveled around finding local home grow food.

I want to share with you our journey to The Golden Hoof.  It is located in Boulder County,  off 75th Street.  You can find them here…. there mission to bridge disconnect we have with our food.

New kind of grocery store

I love this mission, we are too separated from where our foods come from and unfortunately way to often is in a form that doesn’t serve our well- being and makes us sick.

The more we begin to connect with our foods and how it make us feel, the healthier relationships we can have with ourselves and that is the core to feeling good.

Take this time and explore your local farms, try to break the habit of convenient and easy and instead go explore and create a new family adventure and your connect with your local famers and the food that they have to nourish your body and soul.

I started by just googling” Local Farms Denver”  and that brought up a list and we have been just hitting that list which is actually quiet BIG! So exciting.

You will want to check out their site and things you will want to look for are what days they are open, if they certain visitation hours.  When are their farm stands open, this is where you can buy their produce or other products they have for sale.

Here is a list of things you can often find at your local farm:




Local Honey

Meat products ( bacon, pork shoulder, ground beef, steak, chicken)


Dairy products,  milk & cheese.

Ok happy exploring and let your health shine!