Discover in 3 Simple Steps If You Have Too Much Clutter In Your Home And It’s Affecting Your Health.

Discover in 3 Simple Steps If You Have Too Much Clutter In Your Home And It’s Affecting Your Health.

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel overwhelmed?  You see toys splattered across the floor and just cringe?  How about the laundry? Do you have loads and loads of laundry that you feel you constantly washing, folding and putting away or just leaving it there for days.

The truth is we have too much stuff and it is affecting our well -being.  Far too often we spend our time cleaning and organizing or worrying about what we need to do, instead of enjoying our lives, like doing something we love or quality time with our family and friends.

For years, I would clean up a room, turn around and the kids have messed it up again.

Or I would be constantly doing loads of laundry, dusting, cleaning, or putting things away. This would make me feel frustrated, tired and unhappy.

I began to realize that we need to make a shift in our home, we had too much stuff. Too many toys, to many clothes, to many things overall.   So I began to purge.  My kids had way too many toys and they just ended up all over the place, I began to donate lots of them. This is still a practice I do today, they are constantly showing up with new things so I release the older things.  I am not at my goal yet but we are getting there.

Once a week I will take a bag and start filling it up, clothes I never wear, random things my family brings home, or things I realize we are not using and it is just creating more clutter.

Your health is a made up of a variety of factors, like what you eat, how much movement you do each day and your mindset.  Your mindset includes, your relationships, your passions and your stresses, like financial worries, the never ending to do list, or how we feel in the space around us.

So How do you know if you have too much stuff and it is affecting your health, well check out these steps below to see:

Step 1: How do you feel when you walk into a room?

It’s important for your well- being, that you can walk into a room and it feels good.  It gives you peace and the more relaxed you feel, your body is able unwind and this is the key to healing your body and feeling your best.  When your body feels at ease then your self -healing mechanisms are automatically turned on.

Step 2 Do you feel overwhelmed with your house chores?

When you are racing from one activity to another, then you come home to a ton of things that need to be done at home, you lose your inner tranquility and this affects your body on a deep level.  Your body goes into a flight or fight mode and this is the root of many health issues like as insomnia, inflammation, and fatigue.

Step 3 How does your bedroom feel?

The bedroom should cultivate a sense of peace for you to sleep well.  If you suffer from insomnia or not sleeping well it is important that your bedroom be free of electronics and clutter.

Actually, each room in your home should have a certain flow and be organized in a way that makes you feel good.

The Chinese created a system called Feng Shui that is an ancient art that teaches how to balance the energies of any given space to bring better health, success and a fulfilling life.

So, help yourself to feel better by downsizing.  Get rid of things you are no longer using and that are just creating more work for you to do.  Creating spaces that feel good and help you cultivate health.

Donate the old toys your kids are no longer using, clothes you no longer wear, stuff that you have around the house that does not bring you joy.  The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying up, by Marie Knodo, is a great book that helps to guide you on what you should keep and what to let go of and how to organize, I would highly recommend it to help you declutter.

Help yourself and your family feel their best, by creating a home that offers less overwhelm and more peace.  You will feel better and your health will get a major boost as well!