Enjoy your vacation even more this year by building in these little healthy habits for you and your kids…

Enjoy your vacation even more this year by building in these little healthy habits for you and your kids…

So often when we think healthy we don’t see how it fits into our vacations.  We want beer, ice cream, enjoy the steak, order the appetizer, we want it all.  But the thing is, that after the vacation is over or even after a few days in our journey our bodies start to feel sluggish, maybe we have gained some weight and our confidence meter starts to drop.

When we get home we have to hit the gym and dieting to get off all those extra pounds.  I want to suggest a different way to vacation this year and it still includes all the yumminess of travel, new foods, and delicious cocktails, the deserts but at the same time not a digging a deep ditch into feeling unhealthy by the end of your trip.  So here my 5 tips to keeping it healthy-ish while you travel.

Tip 1.  Prepare for you travels.

Don’t rely on the airport or the airplane to feed you when hungry strikes.  It often not tasty and unhealthy.  So pack it in.  Bring plenty of water with you because the one cup they offer you (if they do at all anymore) isn’t enough.  Bring a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated.

Don’t reach for the same old tricks, fruit gummies and gold fish for the kids, bring fresh fruits.  Nothing beats a juicy apple, of fresh blueberries, raspberries and nuts.  Give them the right options and they will eat it. Add a protein bar you can all share.  I love energy balls they are so easy to make and pack up.

Tip 2.  Make your first meal count

Don’t skip breakfast, it will make you hungry later and more likely to binge when hungry strikes.  Leave the pancake breakfast for a special treat on your vacation and instead opt for healthier options.  If you eat healthier your first meal, you are more likely to have healthier habits through the day.

Load up on the vegetable with your breakfast.  Add spinach to your eggs, make sure you have tons of fresh fruits.  I found huge portabella mushrooms with spinach and mozzarella cheese you just bake in your oven at the local grocery store, they were so delicious!

Opt for plain yogurt with granola and fresh fruit, add local honey.

Tip 3  Keep hydrated

Go crazy on the water.  It will help detox the body of the drinks you have and help you stay fuller longer.  Use the hour on a clock to be your timer and chug at least 6-8 ounces every hour.

You will feel so much better and it will help curb the cravings.  

Tip 4 Go vegetarian for lunch.

Make it habit to choose a vegetarian option for lunch and load up on the vegetables.  Instead of the classic ham and cheese for lunch, swap it out for a vegetable sandwich.

Make it yourself.  Add carrots, lettuce, arugula, basil, red peppers, hummus and a dark bread.

Or go the local deli and ask for the vegetarian option.

Choose a salad add some protein at a restaurant.

If you have a home you are staying at make a Buddha bowl.  Prepare quinoa or brown rice in the morning, then top it will all kinds of fresh vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, asparagus, the options are plenty.

As for you kids, make sure you have cut carrots for them, apples, grapes.  Load up on the fruits and vegetables for them as well.

Tip 5 work after dinner.

 Make it habit to explore after dinner.  Walk through the streets at night gives you a whole different perspective then during hustle of the day.  Enjoy the quiet as you walk through new areas of town, window shop, find what you to check out the following day.  This will help you digest your dinner and get you ready for bed.  Take the whole family it is good for you all.  Your kids will sleep better and so will you.