Welcome to the FEEL + GOOD podcast

| Emotional & Spiritual Healing, Heart Centered Healing

Welcome to the FEEL + GOOD podcast



I am so excited to be launching this incredible podcast with my dear friend Julie Larkin.  The moment we meet we knew we were kindred spirits and this podcast was obviously the next step.

Our passion united us and we are building something we are so excited about.  The Feel + Good podcast is a platform for inspiration.  A place to discover out of the box healing modalities that can help you thrive no matter how you feel right now.

We will be interviewing ordinary people who have had extraordinary healings, so that you can inhale a bit of their stories and be inspired about your possibilities.

We will also be speaking with extraordinary healers and thought leaders who can offer unique perspective on the body, mind, & spirit connection.  Our hope display a variety of healing modalities, that are beyond the classic medical modalities we are accustomed to, so that you can the right tools that work best for you.

Awaken and connect to your inner wisdom as a powerful catalyst to heal. Hear a selection of interviews with health and wellness experts, spiritual luminaries, and inspirational stories, about the mind body and soul connection. We believe the emotional and spiritual work is at the heart of healing.