Healing your Body Back to it’s True Purpose

Healing your Body Back to it’s True Purpose

Let the body have healing as it’s purpose”

-Marianne Williamson


Have you ever thought about what our bodies are trying to tell us? Have you ever been curious to know if there is a message behind what is happening to our bodies when we are sick?

I believe that when we find ourselves out of balance and dealing with a health issue we can use this as an opportunity to change direction in our lives and move closer to being our greatest self.

What if we start thinking of our bodies as an outline for something greater, more glorious?  What if disease or illness is a messenger, guiding us to where we are off, trying to move us to a place of more peace and happiness.

Think of symptoms of the body as signposts to let you know where your life is out sync.

 If we begin to listen to our bodies,  all the signs will lead us to the center of our inner truth, reconnecting us radiance and well being.

When can connect to our inner wisdom we begin to think of our bodies as much more than a physical shell, but rather a brilliant world connected through energy, made of something that the eyes can not see, but we sense and know is there.

It is common to find ourselves caught up in the physical mass of the body with the ego running the show. We often talk to our bodies with hate and fear causing us to detach from ourselves. Our self-talk is unkind, and we have limited beliefs in our ability to heal. This kind of thinking keeps us stuck in believing the limitations we are taught through society.

When we use our body and mind to build a loving self image, we feel more love and compassion to ourselves and those around us and this is huge, because your life will feel better.

Our body is a blank canvas and the thoughts we focus on will lead us into disease or health.

Let your illness guide you home.  Listen to what you body is telling you it needs.  This could be more rest, a better diet, more exercise, less exercise, more laughter. We have to start really paying attention to the messages that the body it telling us.  Working with our bodies not against it.

If you listen it will tell you everything you need to know to live a healthy life. 


“It is not the body but the mind that is in need of healing, and the only healing is a return to love” -Marianne Williamson