NEWSFLASH : This breakfast habit could be ruining your health & what you should instead.

NEWSFLASH : This breakfast habit could be ruining your health & what you should instead.

Since I was young I was raised on cereal and orange juice and if it was a special morning then it would be pancakes or muffins, do you get the point here?  It was high carbohydrate feast, and a gluten party.  My family just picked up the normal customs that were around us living in the U.S.  If you go stay at La Quinta hotel any other major hotel chain you will see then same things offered, maybe some waffles added into the mix, yogurt laden with sugars, bagels and cream cheese, fruit pastries.  The school systems are the same, it’s everywhere.   Maybe if your mom had time to make you breakfast in the morning you got to add on eggs, bacon or sausage. This is what we have come to expect breakfast to be.

These are the foods we fuel our day with, these are the foods we have accustomed our taste buds to like first thing in the morning. These are the foods we are feeding our bodies, and what is the outcome? We are loading on the extra pounds, feeling tired, unhealthy, losing our mojo, and our self esteem, by not feeling as awesome as we are meant to feel.  We need to rethink how we are nourishing our bodies for breakfast.

Now my question is, have you ever taken the time to think about how you feel after breakfast?   Do you feel energized for the day, or does your energy drop by mid morning, you do have to snack or drink more coffee, do you get moody or irritable?  Do you think about when you are going to eat your next meal, do you find yourself eating more on some days then others? Do you crave certain foods some days and other foods on other days?   Most importantly did you KNOW all this is related to what you eat for breakfast? Yes!  OMG, it crazy how much it can effect our health and well – being.

What about those who don’t eat breakfast at all, you are not out of the clear either, actually might be even worse off.    Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast tend to gain more weight then those who eat breakfast, yikes!

The truth is that everything is tied into what you are eating.  I believe it is important to start with breakfast, because it can make or break your your entire day.  It puts into place habits for the day.  It is also a known fact that if you exercise first thing in the morning, then you are 30% more productive throughout the day.  Well I would sat the same thing for the foods you eat, if you eat well, you are more likely to eat make healthier choices throughout the day.

Now do you notice that you can give a bowl of cereal to your kids and your like great they are fed, then literally 1 hour later they are hungry again and you like shoots, now what do I make them, this is because most cereals are loaded with sugars and refined carbs, there is nothing there to sustain you or them for the long run, it will spike your blood sugar give you a burst of energy then you will be followed by a crash, hence the second cup of coffee or midmorning snack, do you get the point? Same goes for pancakes, muffins, pastries, pop tarts, and frozen waffles, hash browns, white bread toast, donuts, and bagels.

Now you might think well, I am doing just fine, I don’t eat any of these things, but you are having  a smoothie or smoothie bowl, made with frozen fruits and maybe some added protein powder,  you think you are doing something awesome for your body and for some people it’s just fine, but if you have any digestive issues, bloating or gas or maybe colitis’s, crohn, IBS, or you tend to be cold, or trying to have a baby,  if you are eating a cold smoothies or anything cold for that matter,  you could making your self worse.  It could be contributing to you not feeling so well.  So you have to see how you feel, everyone is different, but we have a teaching in Chinese medicine and that is to avoid cold foods for breakfast because your body has just spent the evening, while you were asleep, resting and in a rejuvenation process and if you douce it with cold foods first thing in the morning you are doing more damage then good.

We MUST rethink the way we see breakfast and this is what I am super passionate about, discovering what works best for you.  So my husband he loves eggs, bacon, and tortilla, he makes these great tasting eggs every morning.  I have notice for myself that when I eat eggs and bacon, I tend get hungrier and I crave more food. I also tried protein shakes from Isagenixs and it left me with a nagging hunger feeling until I was able to have my snack and I did not like that.  For me what works best to keep me satisfied and choosing more healthier foods throughout the day is to start my morning with fruits or vegetables, plus some proteins.  These are my go to:

Chia seed pudding topped with nuts and fruits and coconut.

Avacado toast on ekziekle bread loaded with seeds, arugula, and olive oil

Quinoa with sauted vegetables nut and olive oil

I love to add in a green juice, I can’t live just on a green juice alone, because I get too hungry but I love it into the mix.

Smoothies are hit and miss for me, I don’t like to have such a cold food for breakfast so I try to avoid them unless it is in the middle os the summer and it is super hot outside. Or I leave them out to get to room temperature and then I feel good having one.

I have started adding in a variety of Super Herbs to the mix as well, like Changa, Reishi, Maca, Cordceyps, these are powerful herbs that are used to build up the core vitality of the body, I write more about these later.

But the thing is, it’s about getting to understand what works best for your body.  When you hit the sweet spot is should feel good to your body, you should be able to make it from breakfast to lunch with no snack or extra cup of coffee.  You should feel energized, awake, and focused.  You should not have bloating of gas and any other digestive issue, it should just feel good to your body.

Now we have to break out of what we classically think of for breakfast, people around the world eat all kinds of things, in China you will find soup, in Nepal you will find lentils, Central America, beans & rice.  Let your pallet discover new and exciting things that can make up your breakfast.  Break the habit of thinking is should look any certain way, because it’s just a habit that can always be broken.

Now, everyone is different you should find out what works best for you, and really get down to what feel best for your body and only you will truly know that.

Here are some suggestions to build a healthier breakfast that will help you create better health, which means, feeling comfortable in your body, looking at the mirror and loving yourself, doing this you love to do with friends and family members, it’s about building confidence.

Oatmeal (made with nut milk)  with fruits and nuts

PLAIN Yogurt topped with homemade granola, nuts and fruit

Quinoa topped with sauted spinach and a hard boiled egg

Chia seed pudding with nuts and fresh fruit

Avocado toast with arugula, seeds and olive oil

Miso Soup

Beans and Rice with spinach.

These are some of the foods that will help you lose weight, feel energized and comfortable in your beautiful self.

Ok I hope this serves you, I am on a mission to help build a generation of women who are connected to the love in their heart, wisdom in their soul and fuel themselves with a plate of deliciousness.

With much Love, Sylvia