Your Guide To The Super Tonic Herbs You Should Be Taking For Beauty, Health, & Peace Of Mind

Your Guide To The Super Tonic Herbs You Should Be Taking For Beauty, Health, & Peace Of Mind

Chinese herbal medicine has a very long history going back thousands years.  With over 5,000 substances currently used within the most developed herbal system in the world.  Many formulas are used to treat illness and but a small group are empowered with the special task of building radiant health and preventing disease.

The search for these magical elixers has its roots deep in ancient China, when the emperors would send herbalists in search for legendary herbs that would grant him radiant health and longevity.

These elite members of the Chinese herbal system became known as the Chinese tonic herbs, also called the super herbs.

With so much disease and illness effecting our society and our personal lives it is important to take a look at how we can be healthy. It is important to focus on ways we to rebuild and protect our health so we can live a long and healthy life.

We need to become passionate about protecting our body from fatigue and illness and building radiant health and maintaining it.

The Chinese tonic herbs have the power to create mental clarity and focus, stamina, happiness, physical strength, peace of mind, long life, and aging gracefully.

These health promoting herbs are matched by no other society or system, which are normally based on treating disease rather then preventing it.

There are two schools of medicine in China, one is based on treating disease and one is founded on promoting health, known as the longevity school and focuses the on development of great health and well – being. The promotion of radiant health is the most important school.

“Sages did not treat those who were already ill but treated those who were not yet ill.  They did not try to put order in what was already in disorder but rather to prevent disorder from arising in  the first place.  Treating disease after it has arisen is like starting to dig a well when one is already thirsty, or only starting to case weapons once the battle has begun.  Would these also not be too late?”

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic of Medicine from 2nd centaur BCE

The foundation of health and wellbeing arises from our awareness of living in harmony with the world around us.  Not living in excess, supporting our health and well-being and promoting a peace of mind. Chinese super tonic herbs help support our health by balancing our endocrine system, helping us sleep better, creating a greater sense of calm.

Chinese herbs can be prepared in a variety of way these include herbal decoctions, which is a traditional way of preparing herbs that results in a tea and are known for their strong taste and aroma.

There are also herbal powders, which can be mixed with hot water to make a tea or used in your smoothies, coffee drinks and recipes.  This is a great way to use herbs to boost your health.

Chinese patent formulas are pre-made herbal formulas in a pill or tablet form, probably the most common use outside of China.

Syrups are another convenient way to take herbs and especially for kids, these are made from a sugar base so they can taste great.

Liniments include salves, compresses and plasters and are used on the body most often for aches, sores, healing of wounds.

Another wonder aspect of Chinese tonic herbs is that are extremely safe and free of negative side effects, but as with everything check with your doctor if you are going start integrating these herbs into your life.

Ok lets dive in!

Top Chinese super tonic herbs include:


Goji Berries–  builds blood, improves vision, regulate blood sugar levels and increase positive moods. Avoid if you have a fever, or experience diarrhea.


He Should Wu– strengthens the tendons, ligaments and bones, prevents premature aging. Fertility tonic for men and women. Anti-aging herb. Warning-  may cause loss stools.


Reishi – improves the immune system, anti- aging herb, improves the cardiovascular system, anti- stress properties. Warning, people who are allergic to mushroom might have an issue with this herb.


Cordyceps– Strengthens the body and the mind at the fundamental level.  Sharpens brain function and clarity, strengthens the immune system.  Do not use when you have a fever.


Astragalus–  Strengthen the core energy of the body and the functioning of all the organ systems.  Supports the immune system.  Warning can worsen systems of gas.


Pearl – Is a beauty tonic, heals blemishes, promotes regeneration of new cells, helps to reduce wrinkles.  Help one feel more peace (known as a shen tonic) reduces nervousness, anxiety, and tension.  Extremely safe.

These herbs are a great additions to a tea, smoothie or favorite recipe.  You can also find these herbs in capsules. These herbs have made a huge difference in my life and I am excited to share them with you! Here is a delicious and easy way to get started with these super herbs:

Goji Berry Tea:

  • 1 tablespoon of goji Berries
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon bark
  • 1 cup to boiling water

add ingredients to water let steep for 5-8 minutes

Drink naturally or add honey or stevia to sweeten.